Baking is a large part of my life. Dessert was a given in my family, and I liked being the one to make it. As I grew older my diet changed and I started baking without dairy or eggs. Then I moved to high altitude and that added a whole new twist to things. Thus, Vegan Baking Up High was born.

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  1. Helena says:

    Hello, can you tell me what altitude you are considering at high-altitude? I’m only asking since I know that 3K, 5K, and 12K altitudes may require different adjustments.

    Found your blog from a comment you posted on the Rouxbe online event on May 5th.

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  2. Laura in Longmont says:

    Hi there. I found your blog today and I’m so excited to dig into it. I love to bake and am recently vegan. I am struggling thus far, making cakes that are just too dense (among other problems). I don’t know how to achieve more lift. I was specifically wondering if you have any techniques for quick breads like zucchini and pumpkin. Thanks!

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    • Hi Laura. I’m glad you found the blog. I struggled with all of the issues of vegan baking at altitude and I’ve shared them so you won’t have to. For quick breads, look for my recipes for Date Nut, Chocolate Chip Banana, and Chai Spice Pumpkin. For lift, look at my baking tips – especially Dazzled by Science and Why is there a crater in my cupcake?
      On a side note, I teach Aromatherapy classes in Longmont and would love to meet you at a class. If you are interested, please see my blog at http://www.elementalaromas.com for Aromatherapy topics and up-coming classes.


  3. thymefortofu says:

    Hey Vegan Baking Up High, we just wanted to let you know that your blog stuck out to us and we wanted to nominate you for the Liebster Award. We wanted to nominate you so others will see all the great things you are doing here. We love your delicious looking photography and how the site is set up, keep up the awesome work! We will be watching for new recipes to try! Here is the link for the award, http://thymefortofu.me/liebster-award/
    Taylor and Tori

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