Flourless Fudge Cookie Failure

chocolate cookie failure

chocolate cookie failure

When I write blog posts, they usually include a few words about how the baked good was altered and include a recipe. Well, not this week. I have spent 8 hopeless days trying to produce an egg white based flourless cookie by using Aquafaba (the bean liquid from chickpeas). The substance makes a wonderful meringue cookie and is supposed to act in other eggy ways. I’ve used it in my super flegg egg substitute, but never as a stand-in for egg whites. It’s apparently going to require quite a few more trials.

The recipe for a flourless fudge cookie sounded like a challenge, but not as great a one as it turned out to be. The recipe called for whisked egg whites. I replaced them with whisked aquafaba and got an ooey gooey un-cookie like substance. Next I thought to whip up the chickpea water in the stand mixer to get more volume, but was still unsuccessful. Then I tried switching brands of canned chickpeas and discovered that the included brine varied immensely and a thicker liquid got me closer to a cookie but not exactly. The baked cookies were a bit gooey and rubbery at the same time, although my hubby thought they were good dipped in espresso.

So, today’s post will not include a recipe. This egg white substitution is still a failure and requires more testing. And more research. I plan to get it right one day, just not today.

2 comments on “Flourless Fudge Cookie Failure

  1. Dale Ball says:

    Hi there, Linda ! So awesome to meet you at the Vegan Dairy Fair ! I love your posts 🙂
    I’ve played with aquafaba for a little over two years now, and it still has some challenges for me. Check out Zsu Dever’s cookbook, “Aquafaba…”…she’s covered, in much detail, just about every aspect of aquafabaousness. We should get together, and you should do a little demo at next year’s Vegan Dairy Fair !
    PS, my website is sadly neglected…I havent posted on it in almost two years ! We are working on our VDF website, and it should be up and running in a few weeks.

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    • Howdy. I just got Zsu’s book yesterday and pored through it last night. I’m excited to try new tricks with aquafaba. I may have found a solution for these cookies, but that’s an idea for another blog post.


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